Josué Barrera Redondo

Humboldt Research Fellow | Max Planck Institute for Biology

Pumpkin evolution

The wild (left) and domesticated (right) subspecies of Cucurbita argyrosperma.
The evolutionary history of pumpkins (Cucurbita) is peculiar, as they have experienced a whole-genome duplication (WGD) event around 30 Mya. This WGD event allowed pumpkins to evolve novel genomic elements, which likely increased the evolutionary potential (evolvability) of the genus. It is no coincidence that humans were able to domesticate this genus at least six independent times in five different species, displaying several morphological convergences as well as unique traits for each domesticated taxon. Thus, pumpkins serve as a great model to understand the influence of WGDs on the mode and tempo of genome evolution, as well as to understand the basic processes of plant domestication.

I worked on this project during my Ph.D.,  but I still engage in constant collaboration with my previous lab to uncover the secrets of pumpkin evolution.


Population genomics of domesticated Cucurbita ficifolia reveals a recent bottleneck and low gene flow with wild relatives

Xitlali Aguirre-Dugua, Josué Barrera-Redondo, Jaime Gasca-Pineda, Alejandra Vázquez-Lobo, Andrea López-Camacho, Guillermo Sánchez-de la Vega, Gabriela Castellanos-Morales, Enrique Scheinvar, Erika Aguirre-Planter, Rafael Lira-Saade, Luis E. Eguiarte

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The domestication of Cucurbita argyrosperma as revealed by the genome of its wild relative

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Genomic, transcriptomic and epigenomic tools to study the domestication of plants and animals: a field guide for beginners

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The genome of Cucurbita argyrosperma (silver-seed gourd) reveals faster rates of protein-coding gene and long noncoding RNA turnover and neofunctionalization within Cucurbita

Josué Barrera-Redondo, Enrique Ibarra-Laclette, Alejandra Vázquez-Lobo, Yocelyn T Gutiérrez-Guerrero, Guillermo Sánchez de la Vega, Daniel Piñero, Salvador Montes-Hernández, Rafael Lira-Saade, Luis E Eguiarte

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